Flood & Storm Benefits
  • We have an inventory of interlocking sheet pile available to be loaded on a truck in minutes.
  • We are located in West Sacramento and are within hours of both the Bay Area and Central Valley.
  • Sheet Pile installation utilizing the Giken Silent Piler, is capable of installing sheet pile in sensitive areas where excessive vibration and noise would impact nearby occupants, underground infrastructure, levees or wildlife.
  • We have to capability of installing all types of sheeting, shoring and bracing, plus pumping, dewatering or unwatering.
  • We also have the capability of constructing earthen embankments, providing placement and compaction of engineered fill or placement of rock & rip rap.

Standard Operations

To create efficient flood protection systems, it’s essential to combine state-of-the-art technology solutions with the environment itself, and sheet piles are going to be your safest and most cost-effective solution in your environmental and construction strategy.

Floods are natural disasters that cities and towns should always have action plans in place for. In some cases, these events are unforeseeable and urgent action isn’t taken until after the event has happened. But for floods that are foreseeable, well-planned protection plans can be executed to prevent damages.

Because natural flood protection isn’t adequate enough for such catastrophic events, more permanent measures have to be put in place. Flood defenses including dikes, water retention basins, ditches, and reinforced banks are all permanent flood protection systems that sheet piles are excellent reinforcement for, as they aid in seepage resistance.

Flood Stats

In 2019, floods accounted for over $3 billion worth of property damage as well as agricultural damage all across the US. Various studies have linked the massive flooding accounts to global warming, and because of that, cities that are more prone to flooding are asking for more funding for flood defense systems. 

According to the National Institute of Building Sciences, for every dollar that the government allocates toward flood mitigation, it saves six dollars in preventive costs if flooding were to happen in a city or town. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways in which flood protection systems can be implemented.

Steel Sheet Piles are your basic flood control efforts, securing and protecting the dike to the very top. These structures can be extended as far as needed, horizontally, and can be used to raise a dike top. In the threat of a flood, the modular dike-top system is going to be ideal. The installation will consist of four interlocked U-profile sheet pile sections with seals attached.

Glass Wall Systems are flood protection systems that are more of an aesthetically pleasing solution. For instance, this protection system would be used in beachy tourist areas or holiday resorts near bodies of water. These are laminated safety glass panels attached to existing sheet piling, held together by aluminum supports. This particular system allows for optimal flood protection without disrupting the landscape of the area.

Other Considerations

Certain areas are more prone to flood damage than others, so it’s important to ensure you’re taking the necessary flood defense precautions, especially if your home or commercial building is located near the coast or bodies of water. Also, you want to be mindful of the season changes as the spring has more rainy days.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Using the Giken Silent Piler, installation of sheet piles are not only environmentally-friendly because they’re recyclable and doesn’t disrupt the environment with excessive noise and vibration with the press-in method, it’s also very fast installation time being that multiple machines can operate at the same time. Over 50 meters in width of sheet pile walls can be installed per day.
  • The sheet pile material itself: Steel. Steel is indeed a hard and sturdy non-metal but also very versatile being that it is homogenous, contains plastic, and is also quite flexible in its ability to hold back water.
  • Sheet piles are ready for immediate application, which will be extremely beneficial when urgent action needs to be taken. This includes sheet pile caving, joining, and replacement. Depending on the flood protection system you want to put in place, that will determine the sheet pile type, including steel, hot or cold rolled, Z-shaped, U-shaped, or Larssen.

The Sheet Pile Flooding Protection Systems Solution

With modern technology, environmental development and construction strategies can be implemented to formulate an efficient and effective flood protection systems solution, with sheet piling as the solution. No area is completely immune to the potential of flooding due to heavy rains and storms, especially in this environmental state where global warming is becoming more and more apparent.

Flood damage can be mitigated, but it will require proper investing in order to make your flood protection efforts worthwhile. The cost-effective and efficient solution to flood control is going to be the investment in a steel sheet piling solution. It’s better to have these contingencies in place now, as a precautionary effort, rather than increasing the risk of considerable land and property damage waiting for the unforeseeable circumstance of a flood, where immediate urgent action would be required.

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