Giken Silent Piler Benefits

Our Giken Silent Pilers install sheet pile utilizing vibration and percussive free techniques. This means there are no vibrations perceived by humans and noise levels are below 70dB at 25 feet away.

  • No length restriction for the sheet pile
  • Ideal for Sensitive Areas with existing structures
  • Allows for pile installation on constrained work sites with small construction footprint
  • Provides the ability to install piles in Low Overhead Clearance
  • High quality piling installation using state of the art lasers for alignment
  • Reduction of interlock friction due to vibration with conventional pile driving

Available Attachments

  • Auger Crush (63,000 ft lbs of torque; Simultaneously augers as piles are installed; Installed piles thru Caliche & 12,000 psi rock)
  • Water Jet (Pressures up to 2,500 psi to penetrate dense sands and/or stiff clays)

Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring, LLC, has the largest fleet of Giken Silent Pilers available in the United States. For more information on the Giken Silent Piler click here.

Standard Operations

In the installation of sheet piles, the Giken Silent Piler is your ultimate water and earth retention solution. The pile driving method known as the press-in method is the very technique that sets it apart from other pile driving machines because it uses reaction force to eliminate noise disturbances and vibrations in the installation and removal of sheet piles.

These Silent Pilers can run you upwards of $23,000 or more. Affordability alone is why it’s best to rent a Giken Silent Piler than buy one. This is especially beneficial, being that most sheet piling installation needs are temporary.

Key Features and Benefits

  • No expensive upfront costs and overhead fees associated with buying
  • Machine and sheet piles can simply be returned when project is complete
  • Can always rent the machine again when a project needs sheet piling services

The Giken Silent Piler Rental Solution

There’s no real need to buy a Giken Silent Piler when you have the freedom to rent as many as you need for as many projects that you may have. Because most sheet pile walls are temporary, purchasing the piling equipment can quickly become cost-ineffective. So before you make the decision to buy, explore the ease and convenience of renting the Giken Silent Piler first.

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