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Serving the West Coast for more than 10 years, Blue Iron LLC is proud to be a leading provider of foundation and shoring services to the Southern California area. We pride ourselves on the performance and project quality our team presents with every completed project, and it’s those qualities that have allowed us to meet the needs of every customer, resulting in satisfied, repeat clients over the years.

Through innovation, continuous training, skill and expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment, there’s no project too big or too small that we can’t handle. Our success is due to our collaborative approach with our clients. Everything from understanding the parameters of the project, contract execution, and budget and trade scopes to safety, construction plans, and scheduling, we are committed to the success and completion of your project from start to finish.

General Services

At Blue Iron LLC, we are proud to be a leading provider of Foundation and Shoring Services in Southern California. Taking on challenging projects is something we thrive on because we have industry-based expertise and extensive years of experience in earth and water retention systems. From excavation and dewatering to drilling activities, we specialize in the following:

Southern California Foundations and Shoring

Southern California is a major tourist attraction location, and the warm weather alone is something that makes people flock to the area. But in addition to the warm weather, it shouldn’t go without mentioning that the beaches in the area are not only breathtaking but are also a large reason why natives and tourists alike are so drawn to the area. And despite So Cal being known for the beaches, warm weather, and entertainment, do you know what the area is also known for being? Flood Prone.

The warm weather tends to dilute the reality of the popular area’s water challenges it faces. The recent wildfires have made the area even more susceptible to flash flooding, leaving the risk of flooding high and funding for flood management low. 

With Los Angeles being dubbed as the Entertainment Capital of the World, generating the most revenue for the state, how is it that funding for flood management is low? Well, the entire state’s flood management infrastructures all need upgrading, which would mean spending over $1 billion per year.

This is not an effort that would happen all at once, of course; it will take a significant amount of time. But knowing the water challenges So Cal faces is a large motivation behind our services in the area. Earthquakes, alluvial fan flooding, and flash flooding can all be mitigated with our water-retention services. 

Let Blue Iron LLC be your water retention system solution.

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