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Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring, LLC, specializes in using the most technologically advanced Press equipment available including Giken Silent Pilers. This equipment uses the environmentally friendly Press-In method to install piles without excessive noise or vibration. The piles are statically pressed into the ground from the ground level. Since the energy used to drive the piles is static energy, vibration is almost completely reduced, and the noise is almost negligible.

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Hard Ground Press-In

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Standard Operations

Using state-of-the-art technology, the Giken Silent Piler is construction’s first and newest vibration-free hydraulic piling machine utilizing the press-in method. This powerful machine operates at the top of sheet piles using reaction force (static energy) to grip and press piles into the ground without excessive noise or vibrations.

With the installation and extraction of sheet piles, the Giken Silent Piler has various capabilities including curve and corner installation, reverse-moving process, and forward walking, which are all beneficial piling methods, especially when working in constrained areas or on sites inaccessible for conventional piling techniques.

The Silent Piler is operated by a wireless remote control and is specifically designed to “walk” over the top of previously driven piles. Because of cutting-edge technology, the machine is also able to operate at height, in areas with restricted headroom, up and down embankments, and over water.

The Giken is utilized best in clay-like, fine-grained soil. But when ground conditions aren’t conducive, a water jetting system can be attached to make the ground more penetrable. When the soil is too hard or dense for the water jetting system, the machine can then be equipped with a Crush System for a hard ground press.

From the vibration and noise-free installation and extraction process of sheet piling to the hard ground press-in methods, the Giken Silent Piler is the solution to the efficiency and completion of your construction project.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Environmentally-Friendly: The Press-In method does not disrupt the environment with pollution generated from vibration and excessive noise. 
  • Quick and Efficient Piling Process: The Silent Piler is so compact that it allows for multiple machines to operate at the same time to shorten the construction process.
  • Lightweight: The Giken self-moves while on sheet piles and requires only a single service crane.
  • Safe: There’s no need for a manlift, loftman, or heavy hanging installation equipment.

The Giken Silent Piler Solution

The traditional method of sheet piling generates excessive noise and vibration. With technological advancements, the Giken Silent Piler has become the world’s first reaction-based hydraulic piling machine, giving way to an environmentally-friendly solution to the installation and extraction of sheet piles.

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