Retaining Wall / Settlement Barrier

Giken ECO1400 S Crush Piler Contractor Services – Baltimore, Maryland

Collington Ave Project Using Giken ECO 1400S Crush Piler for Retaining Wall / Settlement Barrier in Baltimore, MD

The Press-In System (using Giken ECO1400 S Crush Piler) was used to install a retaining wall/settlement barrier in Baltimore, Maryland. The historic City of Baltimore has several projects underway as part of its urban renewal program. This brings new construction and development into some of the urban areas which assist increase the local economy in these older areas.

The Collington Avenue project  consisted of redeveloping an existing area of Collington Avenue, which required additional fill to be placed as part of a new development. A large sewer line which ran through the project and was approximately 30-35ft below grade, concerned engineers with the additional overburden pressures.

The Press-In Method was able to install steel sheet piles adjacent to the sewer line on both sides to allow for the development to proceed. The Press-In method with Crush Auger was used to minimize the potential for Damage or settlement of the existing sewer system.

  • Type of Project: Retaining Wall / Settlement Barrier
  • Purpose of Piling: Permanent Bulkhead Wall
  • Site Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Duration of Work: September – October 2012
  • Owner: Private Development
  • Main Contractor: Ram Contracting Services, LLC
  • Piling Contractor: Blue Iron Foundations and Shoring, LLC
  • Equipment Used: ECO1400 S Crush Piler and Kobelco 1200 80-Ton Crane
  • Sheet Pile Material: H2607 L=45ft-55ft
  • Wall Length: 520LF
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