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Giken ECO1400 S Silent Piler Contractor Services – Harvey (New Orleans), Louisiana

USACE – Gardere Canal Flood Control Project Using Giken ECO 1400S Silent Piler for Permanent Retaining Wall in Harvey, Louisiana

The Press-In System (using Giken ECO1400 S Silent Piler) was used to install a permanent retaining wall in Harvey, Louisiana. Giken was originally Subcontracted to install over 14,000 Linear wall feet, which was completed by Blue Iron Foundations and Shoring. The USACE specified the Press-In system be used to install the steel sheet piles due to the close proximity of the adjacent homes the entire stretch of canal. Two Pilers were used to install the steel sheets which were fed by only one small mantis 30-ton support crane, doubling the production at no additional cost.

  • Type of Project: Flood Control Project
  • Purpose of Piling: Permanent Retaining Wall
  • Site Location: Harvey, Louisiana
  • Duration of Work: August 2008 – April 2010
  • Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District
  • Main Contractor: B & K Construction Co.
  • Piling Contractor: Blue Iron Foundations and Shoring, LLC
  • Equipment Used: SCZ675WM Silent Piler (x2)
  • Sheet Pile Material: PZ35 L=45ft
  • Sheet Pile Supplier: LB Foster – Orlando Office
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    Sheet Piling Borehole Data

    Borehole data are direct measurements of temperature from boreholes drilled into the Earth’s crust. In Louisiana, you have multiple layers of sand located beneath the Ocean. Every geological area has different Borehole data so it’s important to hire a Giken Silent Piler Flood Control contractor that has the experience you can depend on to understand the earth’s surface. For this ECO1400 S Silent Piler Flood Control project, we piled through 1 layer of the seafloor: Silty Clay. We piled PZ35 sheets into the ocean floor at L=45ft. Blue Iron, LLC has the Giken Silent Piler experience you can depend on to finish the job at hand. Whether you are in the Gulf Coast of Louisiana or the Northern region of Louisiana, Blue Iron, LLC can help.

    • Seafloor Layers: 1
    • Seafloor Material: Silty Clay
    • Borehole Depth: L=45ft.

    Giken Silent Piler Bulkhead Walls & Seawalls & Retaining Walls

    For homeowners located throughout Louisiana, permanent bulkhead walls and seawalls are incredibly important for maintaining the structural integrity and foundation of their real estate. Many Shoreline residences are constantly impacted and stressed from water flow, seasonal storms, and high tides. If you have been impacted by seasonal storm, your current sea wall was under-engineered, or you are looking for structural repairs to your retaining wall, give us a call. We specialize in Seawalls, Bulkheads, Lake Walls, Retaining Walls, and much more using top-of-the-line equipment like the Giken Silent Piler. If you are a homeowner looking for Giken Silent Piler walls or a contractor looking to rent a Giken Silent Piler, we can help. We provide new installations and repair services as well. You can trust blue Iron LLC as your premiere Giken Silent Piler contractor throughout Louisiana.

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