Flood & Emergency
Scope of Services

Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring is a full service General Engineering Contractor readily equipped to provide various services and solutions in the event of emergencies:

  • Earthen Embankments
  • Placement & Compaction of Engineered Fill
  • Placement of Rock & Rip Rap
  • Pumping/Dewatering/Unwatering
  • Utility Service/Repair (Sewer, Water, Storm)

SDMTS Emergency Stabilization

San Diego, CA | San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System enlisted Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring to design and construct a sheet pile system for emergency stabilization of a vulnerable railroad. Previously, the railroad was at high risk of collapsing. Following the implementation of the design-build solution, the area was successfully stabilized, ensuring safe and secure operations for trains.

Foothill Road MM 6.58

Sunol, CA | McGuire & Hester (Alameda County Public Works Agency)

Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring was contracted to install 269 linear feet of 60-foot-long sheet pile under overhead lines to safeguard a road after storms had washed out the bank. This installation was crucial in preventing further erosion and ensuring the stability and safety of the roadway.

Highway 128 Emergency Repair

Winters, CA | Teichert Construction (California Department of Transportation)

Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring was contracted to stabilize Highway 128 by installing 80 linear feet of 40-foot-long sheet pile, which enabled the re-opening of traffic flow. Subsequently, BIFS was contracted to install a 100 linear foot soldier pile retaining wall, which included beams, wood lagging, and tieback anchors, further securing the highway and ensuring long-term stability.

Meridian Emergency Drainage Collapse

Meridian, MS | Hemphill Construction

Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring was contracted to address a critical situation where a large drain pipe collapse posed an imminent threat near an existing restaurant. Using the Giken Press-In Method, BIFS installed 200 linear feet of 60-foot-long sheet pile to stabilize the area without causing additional vibrations. Completed in 4 days over the Thanksgiving holiday, this approach efficiently secured the site, mitigating risks to surrounding infrastructure and the restaurant’s safety.

Napa Emergency Pipe Repair

Napa, CA | Utilities Department, City of Napa

Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring was tasked with a comprehensive emergency project, involving installation and removal of shoring, excavation to address a leaking pipe, aggregate placement for footing, and backfilling using native material. The saturated area necessitated additional measures, including the construction of a steel plate access road for construction purposes. BIFS efficiently executed these tasks, showcasing their expertise in flood & emergency services.

Modesto Emergency Pipe Repair

Modesto, CA | City of Modesto

Following a significant storm event that caused a sewer pipe collapse, Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring was contracted to install 262 linear feet of 30-foot-long sheet pile. This installation enabled the city to proceed with necessary repairs to restore the sewer system’s functionality and mitigate further risks.

Highway 9 Slide Repair

Modesto, CA | California Department of Transportation

Blue Iron Foundations & Shoring was contracted to stabilize a section of Highway 9 that had been severely damaged due to a collapsing adjacent hillside caused by repeated storm events leading to oversaturation. To restore the roadway and ensure safety, BIFS installed 55 linear feet of 40-foot-long sheet pile and 192 linear feet of 25-foot-long sheet pile. This stabilization work allowed for the reopening of the roadway to traffic.