CIDH Pile Benefits
  • CIDH Pile offers the ability to perform construction in unstable soils that make it dangerous to use pile-driving equipment.
  • CIDH Pile techniques can be utilized in areas with limited access or headroom due to natural and man-made obstructions, such as under or near power lines or trees, or inside existing buildings.
  • CIDH Pile can support extremely heavy, concentrated loads.
  • CIDH Pile is a versatile and economic option suitable even for smaller projects with a limited budget.
  • CIDH Piling can be placed in both dry and wet conditions.

Standard Operations

CIDH piles are typically used in the construction of bridge support structures, but, as a standard operation, they’re used in construction areas with unstable soil conditions that aren’t conducive to the operation of heavy pile-driving equipment; doing so could cause catastrophic earth-moving events. Results of the CIDH technique are powerfully-built cylindrical cement piles confined to the earth around it, with steel reinforcements.

The Cast-In-Drilled-Hole Piles Process

  1. Cylindrical shafts are drilled into the ground
  2. A steel reinforcing cage is placed inside the shaft
  3. Drilled shaft is then filled with concrete

With this drilling process, the construction method is dependent on the surface conditions of the site (will you be working in dry or water-saturated ground conditions?). This is called creating a borehole, and if the ground conditions of the borehole are likely to cave in, casing will likely be used to prevent caving before concrete is poured.

Key Features and Benefits

  • CIDH piling can be performed in both dry and water-saturated soil conditions
  • Supports immensely heavy loads (such as bridges)
  • Conducive to construction with heavy pile-driving equipment on unstable soil
  • CIDH process and techniques can be performed in areas with restricted or limited access or headroom due to various types of obstructions (powerlines, light poles, trees, etc)
  • Different pile sizes: minipiles, micropiles,  continuous flight auger piles, and displacement auger cast

The CIDH Pile Services Solution

CIDH piles are deep foundation solutions for the stabilizing of various soil conditions. No matter the piling method, there is a CIDH pile services solution conducive to meet the ground improvement needs of your construction site.

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