Sheet Piling Benefits
  • Sheet Pile is manufactured with interlocking joints, virtually cutting off any groundwater from entering the project excavation.
  • Sheet Pile interlocks can be seam-welded after installation to provide a permanent water cut-off and can be used as the permanent wall which reduces project budget, dewatering discharge and schedule durations.
  • Sheet Pile has long-life longevity and can be coated to reduce any corrosion.
  • Shafts can be excavated in the “wet” and resist hydrostatic pressure, eliminating the need for exterior dewatering.

Standard Operations

From support in excavation and soil retention to cofferdam and flood protection, sheet piling is used to provide temporary and permanent wall solutions in the construction industry.

Sheet piles come in many different forms, but in each design, regardless of type, they’re designed to interlock with each other when installed. These structures are installed in sequence along the designated work area to form a wall. When additional lateral support is needed, anchors can be installed as well.

Installation Process

Before an actual permanent or temporary wall can be formed, the two-step installation process must be performed.

  1. When installing the first sheet, it is driven into the earth to the desired depth at the starting point of the wall design. Depending on the location of the worksite, the installation of the first sheet can be installed with vibratory or impact hammers if the site isn’t in an area where construction noise is prohibited or unfavorable. If the worksite is in a location that noise disturbances are prohibited, SIlent Pilers are utilized to push the sheets into place.
  2. After the first sheet has been installed, the second sheet is then driven into the earth at the same desired depth so that the two walls can interlock together. This process, whether using vibratory hammers or Silent Pilers, is repeated until the entire wall is complete. If the design of the worksite is of an odd or complex shape, then accommodating corner sections are used to maintain the design and stability of the wall.

With the installation process, the condition of the soil is going to be the determinant of which installation method you’ll need to use. To use the Giken Silent Piler, the condition of the soil needs to be of a clay-like consistency. When the soil is too dense or hard, a water jetting system can be attached to soften the soil, but if the soil is still too dense after that application, your next option will be to utilize the Crush System for a more effective hard ground press.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Prevents cave-ins
  • Easy installation and removal process
  • Protects workers
  • Prevents flooding
  • Aids in cofferdam construction

The Sheet Piling Services Solution

Sheet piling services are utilized in many areas of construction and bring their own unique key features and benefits to each specific area. The overall function and purpose of sheet piling services is to provide soil and water retention to construction sites. So whether you’re trying to prevent water or soil from entering an excavated or dewatered area, sheet piling services will be the solution you need for water or earth retention needs.

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