About Blue Iron LLC

Since its founding in 2010, Blue Iron LLC has been an industry-leading provider of foundation and shoring services. With over 200+ completed projects, there’s no level of difficulty that we can’t handle. This is due to our expertly trained employees, investment in the most innovative equipment available, and our dedication to fostering long-term business relationships through exemplary service.

Because the Gulf Coast is an area that our company primarily operates on, Florida is a state that we not only have many satisfied and repeat clients, but it’s also a state that we’ve been able to make a major impact on through our foundation and shoring services. And for that, we will continue to serve the state of Florida with unparalleled dedication and integrity.

General Services

At Blue Iron LLC, we are proud to be a leading provider of Foundation and Shoring Services in Florida. Taking on challenging projects is something we thrive on because we have industry-based expertise and extensive years of experience in earth and water retention systems. From excavation and dewatering to drilling activities, we specialize in the following:

Florida Foundations and Shoring

The Sunshine State of Florida is widely known for its warm weather, amusement parks and entertainment, and white-sand beaches. In fact, the beaches are why “spring breakers” flock to the state every year. But while most people are enjoying fun in the sun during their vacations or small getaway weekends, homeowners and business owners alike are devising earth and water retention system plans to protect their homes and business structures.

When it comes to earth retention, what many people don’t realize is that Florida has some pretty serious soil problems. The soil under homes and businesses in the state contains materials and elements that can cause significant damage to these structures, like swelling and shrinking. 

For example, foundation issues occur when soil gets wet, causing it to swell; but when it dries, it shrinks. These variations in soil consistency cause a home or building to slide or move, resulting in wall, ceiling, and floor cracks, porch problems, and doors and windows that stick.

For water retention in Florida, everything from Bulkhead Wall Projects to Seawall Replacement projects, homeowners and business owners entrust us with their water control management needs.

Florida is a state with unstable soils and serious flood issues, especially with inclement weather, if not managed appropriately. That reason alone is why we invest in state-of-the-art technology and equipment, like our Giken Silent Piler, to meet the needs of clients. 

At Blue Iron LLC, we are here to be your earth and water retention system solution.

Our Commitment