About Blue Iron LLC

For more than a decade, Blue Iron LLC has been an industry leader in foundation and shoring services on the Gulf Coast. We are committed to excellence, and it’s through our level of commitment to excellent service that we’ve achieved a high success rate and loyal clientele within the state of Louisiana.

Serving commercial, residential, and industrial structures, we are constantly innovating our work practices to create effective and efficient procedures, fostering leadership in our team members, and investing in continuous training for the safety of our workers. It has been our pleasure to serve the Lousiana area for this long and it will be an honor to continue providing foundation and shoring services to the Bayou State.

General Services

At Blue Iron LLC, we are proud to be a leading provider of Foundation and Shoring Services in Louisiana. Taking on challenging projects is something we thrive on because we have industry-based expertise and extensive years of experience in earth and water retention systems. From excavation and dewatering to drilling activities, we specialize in the following:

Louisiana Foundations and Shoring

It’s no secret that Louisiana is described as a “melting pot” of cultures, especially through food, jazz music, and everyone’s favorite festival, Mardi Gras. But it’s also no secret that Louisiana is a state saturated with water. And if we’ve learned nothing from the massive category 5 disaster, Hurricane Katrina, we know the importance of having permanent and temporary, effective water retention systems in place for such natural disasters, especially being that the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center states that on average, hurricanes land along Louisiana’s coastline once nearly every three years.

To have regular occurrences of such turbulent and destructive weather in a water-filled state, it has been our top priority to provide emergency flood and storm services as well as other water retention services. 

In Harvey, Louisiana, we facilitated and completed the Gardere Canal Flood Control Project using the Giken Silent Piler to build a permanent retaining wall to reduce flooding from rainfall. Similarly in New Orleans, we undertook the New Orleans Emergency Repair Project utilizing the Giken Silent Piler with the Advanced Water Jet System to build a permanent cutoff wall achieving full embedment depth in the reduction of water seepage.

Despite the state of Lousiana being beautiful and filled with a smorgasbord of culture, it’s also important to understand the serious water challenge the state continuously faces as well. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, taking preventive measures to protect these structures is imperative.

Blue Iron LLC has extensive experience with water retention projects in Louisiana. Put our experience to work for you through our foundation and shoring services.

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