About Blue Iron LLC

Founded in 2010, Blue Iron Foundations and Shoring, LLC is one of the top companies offering state-of-the-art foundation and shoring services on the West Coast. Through our unparalleled commitment to high-quality service, innovation, efficiency, safety, and investing in only top-of-the-line equipment, we’ve been able to foster long-term business relationships within Washington State. It’s our commitment and dedication to these priorities that allow us to take on challenging projects with confidence, resulting in not only client satisfaction but also projects that are completed within budget and on schedule.  

General Services

At Blue Iron LLC, we are proud to be a leading provider of Foundation and Shoring Services in Washington State. Taking on challenging projects is something we thrive on because we have industry-based expertise and extensive years of experience in earth and water retention systems. From excavation and dewatering to drilling activities, we specialize in the following:

Washington State Foundations and Shoring

Washington State is not only an adventurous state with over 157 miles of coastline, but it’s also one of the top states with exponential growth and development. As more and more businesses develop, companies are expanding, establishing their headquarters in Washington State, and understandably so.

From the picturesque sandy beaches to the rugged rocky shores, Washington State truly is an undeveloped gem for lots of outdoor activities as well as up-and-coming shoreline start-up businesses, which is a sizable portion of why so many people relocate to the Evergreen State. 

But because the state is part of such a large coastline, that means that businesses and residences along the shoreline are at a much greater risk for damages from water flow and seasonal storms. That means that permanent bulkhead walls and seawalls play a significant role in protecting the structural integrity of your home or business.

With our Giken Silent Piler and new installation and repair services, we can help you just as we helped our previous client, Seattle’s Sodo Builders, with the installation of temporary sheet piles for their permanent underground parking structure.

Washington State is indeed a beautiful place to live and start or expand a business, but because it’s along a coastline, having foundation and shoring precautions in place is of great importance.

For your foundation and shoring needs, let Blue Iron LLC be the solution to ensure your needs are met.

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